What's new?

Champagne celebration!

September 1998: Starburst 99 went online. Now the community has access to a more dynamic and user-friendly modeling approach, including an interactive model page.

January 1999: The main paper was accepted for publication in ApJS and is available from ApJ.

October 1999: A new library of B stars generated from the IUE high-dispersion spectra archive is now available! Come here for details!

November 1999: A minor problem have been found for a few figures. Details are here.

December 2000: Several major improvements to the code were made: (i) yields for Type II supernovae were added; (ii) a spectral library of metal-poor O stars was implemented; and (iii) Miguel Cervino greatly improved the method to calculate SN-related quantities.

No more news for now, but stay tuned for updates.

Dec 22, 2000