Simulation Parameters

Model Designation (Name)

Star Formation Law
Continuous Star Formation
Star Formation RateM yr-1
Fixed Mass
Total Stellar Mass 106 M
IMF Exponent (2.35 = Salpeter)
Upper Mass Limit for IMF M
Lower Mass Limit for IMF M
Supernova Cut-Off Mass M
Black Hole Cut-Off Mass M
Metallicity and Tracks
Standard Mass Loss High Mass Loss
Wind Model
Initial Time x106 yr
Time Stepx106 yr
Last Grid Pointx106 yr
Mass Interpolation
Evolutionary Tracks
lmin and lmax
lmin lmax
Time Step to Print Spectrax106 yr
Atmosphere for Synthetic Spectrum
Metallicity of the UV Line Spectrum
RSG Feature
Microturb. Vel km s-1 Abundance
Output Files
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