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Geneva photometry

The Geneva photometric indices, , , , , , , and , have been computed using the latest revision of the Geneva passband definitions (Nicolet, 1998, private communication). Differences with the passband functions previoulsy published by Nicolet (1996) are very small, and do not exceed a few percents on the computed colours. In order to test the accuracy of our computed synthetic photometry, we made some comparisons with observed data for a sample of dwarf stars with to from the Rufener (1988) catalogue. The results have shown a good or very good agreement with the observations for most of the colour indices, with most of the colour diferences 0.05 mag. Larger deviations have been found in the UV ($\sim$ 0.1 to 0.2 mag. near K), and also for some peculiar multicolour parameters of the Geneva system, such as and .

Thibault Lejeune