General description

The aim of this database is to provide accurate synthetic photometric for stellar evolution tracks and isochrones at different metallicities.
For this purpose, we have used an updated version of the empirically and semi-empirically calibrated BaSeL library of synthetic stellar spectra of Lejeune et al. (1997, 1998) and Westera et al. (1999) to calculate synthetic photometry in the (UBV)$_J$(RI)$_C$ JHKLL$^\prime $M, HST-WFPC2, Geneva, and Washington systems for the entire set of non-rotating Geneva stellar evolution models covering masses from 0.4-0.8 to 120-150 M/M$_{\odot}$ and metallicities $Z$=0.0004 (1/50 Z/Z$_{\odot}$) to 0.1 (5 Z/Z$_{\odot}$).
The results are provided in the present database which includes all individual stellar tracks and the corresponding isochrones covering ages from 10$^3$ yr to 16-20 Gyr in time steps of $\Delta  \log t=$ 0.05 dex. The database also includes a new grid of stellar tracks of very metal-poor stars ($Z$=0.0004) from 0.8-150 M/M$_{\odot}$ calculated with the Geneva stellar evolution code.

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