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Discovery of the first extrasolar planet by microlensing technique

See NASA announcement here. and details in astro-ph paper.

  A Galaxy at z=10:

VLT Smashes the Record of the Farthest Known Galaxy

Press release + material

Toulouse mirror site

Le VLT Pulvérise le Record de la Galaxie la Plus Lointaine

Communiqués de presse + matériel

Site miroir à Toulouse

"ISAAC/VLT observation of a lensed galaxy at z=10.0"
R. Pello, D. Schaerer, J. Richard, J.-F. Le Borgne, J.-P. Kneib
2004, accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics Letters
pdf version

Discovery of a faint R-band drop-out:
a strongly reddened lensed star forming galaxy at z=1.68

J. Richard, D. Schaerer, R. Pello, J.-F. Le Borgne, J.-P. Kneib
2003, accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics Letters
Read Astro-ph preprint

Communiqué de presse CNRS, 11 décembre 2002:

Deux galaxies lointaines passées à la loupe


  Staff, Postdocs and PHD Students

Thierry Contini Chargé de recherche
Emmanuel Davoust Astronome
Pascal Fouqué Astronome
Florence Ienna PHD student
Jean-Paul Kneib (4) Chargé de recherche
Erika Labbe PHD student
Fabrice Lamareille PHD student
Jean-Francois Le Borgne Astronome leborgne
Marie Lemoine-Busserolle (5)
Roser Pello (1) Astronome
Jean-Pierre Picat(2) Directeur de recherche
Patrick Poulain Astronome adjoint
Johan Richard PHD student
Davide Rizzo Post-doc
Daniel Schaerer (3) Chargé de recherche

(1) Team Coordinator
(2) Head of LAOMP technical team
(3) On leave at Geneve Observatory, Geneve, Switzerland. Also member of LAOMP "stellar physics" team.
(4) Now at Marseille Observatory
(5) Now at Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, England, on post-doctoral position



Bibliographical list of the team since 2000

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Catalogue of Wolf-Rayet galaxies


See also Daniel Schaerer's web page for various models of population synthesis, photoionisation ...


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