December 11, 2000

        Dear user,

the new version of hyperz (hyperz_1.1) have been released.
You can find it at , or .

Some bugs have been fixed:

- Take care that the previous results did not take into account completely for the 912 A break when using CWW template SEDs: only the Lyman forest was taken into account and not the complete suppression of the flux blueward the Lyman continuum, as for GISSEL template SEDs. Now the flux is set = 0 for lambda < 912 Angstrom for every SED type. Note that GISSEL SEDs are released in their original form (they are handled within the program), so they exhibit a substantial flux in the UV. Pay attention on this if you use them in other applications different than hyperz.

- In some cases we have remarked problems when reading the file spectra.param, when the selected SED type is 'A', because the program actually requires 'A '. We decided to label the templates corresponding to ASCII files 'AS' instead of 'A'. For continuity with the previous version, the SED type can still be called 'A', then if you do not found this problem you can leave your parameter files unchanged.

- The allowed Z_MIN can be a negative value: if you want to select a range with a negative limit (because of your need for error bars or something else), now you can. Notice that for z<0 the age of template SEDs and the Lyman forest are set as for z=0. Therefore, z<0 means that the z=0 spectrum is blueshifted.

- Some problems have been reported when reading FILTER.RES, because the program did not accept blank lines after the last filter response function. This problem has been solved.

- Take a look at the file FILTER.RES: some filters have been added (now there are 193 filters). If you have already added your own filters, pay attention that when you extract the .tar file, the old files will be overwritten. Save your FILTER.RES file with a different name if you want to preserve it.

- The files filters.log and filters.dat have been corrected and updated with the new filters and new conversion between AB and Vega magnitudes. Remark that these files are only reminders and they are not used when running hyperz.

- The conversion constant between AB and Vega magnitudes is now computed without the approximation used in the previous version. The expected differences are small for all filters, of the order of ~ 0.03 mags.

- The input photometric catalogue can now contain a header (blank lines or beginning with #) that will be skipped.

- make_catalog: the only difference with the previous version is the change from 'A ' to 'AS' to denote ASCII template SEDs, according to hyperz.

The users of hyperz version 1.0 are advised that the version 1.0.1 already solved an error in the output files .sed_phot and that also an IBM version is available.

The paper "Photometric redshifts based on standard SED fitting procedures" by Bolzonella, Miralles and Pello' is now printed in A&A. The reference is A&A 363, 476 (2000).

Finally, a postscript User's manual is now available and it is contained in the zphot_src.tar.gz file or it can be downloaded separately.

Hope this will be useful,

Micol Bolzonella
Roser Pello'
Joan-Marc Miralles

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