To extract files, type 
gunzip zphot_src_1.1.tar.gz 
tar xvf zphot_src_1.1.tar 
gunzip zphot_big_endian.tar.gz 
tar xvf zphot_big_endian.tar
If your machine works with the little endian format for binary files, you have to retrieve the tar file of binary files zphot_little_endian.tar.gz instead of the previous one, then 
gunzip zphot_little_endian.tar.gz 
tar xvf zphot_little_endian.tar
These commands unpack the tar file in a directory named ./ZPHOT/ containing files and subdirectories. Take a look at the ./ZPHOT/src/Makefile and modify it if needed, according to your compiler and your machine. Now you can compile the Fortran 77 sources typing 
cd ./ZPHOT/src 
make hyperz 
make catalog 
make clean
In this way you have created the executables hyperz and make_catalog, that will be automatically copied in the $HOME/bin directory (check before ``make'' and create it if it does not exist). To run the programs from any directory, update your .login ( .cshrc, .tcshrc or equivalent) with 
source .login
after checking the presence of $HOME/bin in your login paths.

Both the programs use a parameter file to control input-output data ( zphot.param and catalog.param are the default names). The parameters contained in these files will be detailed in Section 3. Here we will describe one basic ingredient, namely the template SEDs provided with the package, and their handling.

micol bolzonella