News from the User's Committee

December 16th, 2002


The "call for proposals" is open; DEADLINE is JAN. 31st, 2003

Please consult the official site.

December 16th, 2002

     UPDATE OF MTR Basic Reduction Package www-page  

Two new IDL subroutines, computing the phase chromatism of the 400-700
and 600-900 nm achromatic quarter-wave plates are now availaible @

March 5th, 2002


The G2T consists of:
	- J.   Arnaud     [OMP/Toulouse]
	- G.   Aulanier   [Obs. Paris]
	- V.   Bommier    [Obs. Paris]
	- M.   Faurobert  [OCA/Nice]
	- J.M. Malherbe   [Obs. Paris]
	- N.   Meunier    [OMP/Tarbes]
	- F.   Paletou    [OCA/Nice]

Contact the members of this working group by mailing

November 19th, 2001

Opening of the User's Committee mailing-list. How to proceed?

 - Send a mail at with NO subject
	and the ONLY following message: subscribe cfu-themis

 - You will then be asked to confirm your registration.

 Caution: Send your confirmation mail at
	NOT at Majordomo@purcell as wrongly indicated! With the
	ONLY line begining as "auth..." in the message's body.
	NO subject is required.

 - Further contributions should be posted at

Thanks for your active participation!

				The CFUT organizing committee

Forthcoming meetings of interest

  - Sac Peak Workshop (March 11-15, 2002) 

  - First Potsdam Thinkshop: SUNSPOTS & STARSPOTS (May 6-10, 2002)

  - IAU 188, Santorini, Greece (June 11-15, 2002)

  - GREGOR workshop, Göttingen (24-26 July 2002)

  - SPIE, Polarimetry in Astronomy, Hawaii (August 22-28, 2002)

  - SPM #10, Praha, Czech Republic (Sept. 9-14, 2002)

  - Solar Polarization Workshop #3, Tenerife (Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2002)

Curator: Frédéric Paletou
Fax: (+33) 4 92 00 31 21
Last updated: March 5, 2002