Frontiers of the  Universe



  Detailled Program (including some of the presentations)

8-20 September 2003

COURSES (number of lectures in parenthesis ):

SZ effect (I) CMB: Polarization (I).   Jim BARTLETT (Paris)

Gravitational Lensing (II). Francis BERNARDEAU (Saclay)

Clusters of Galaxies: tools for cosmology (II). Alain BLANCHARD (Toulouse)

Dark matter : Early consideration (I). Jaan EINASTO (Tartu)

Clusters of Galaxies: Observations (II). Bill FORMAN (Harvard)

CMB:  Fluctuations (II). Andrew JAFFE (London)

Uses of SNIa for cosmology (II). Bruno LEIBUNDGUT (Munich)

Inflation (II). Alain Riazuelo (Saclay)

CMB: early history (I). Francesco MELCHIORRI (Roma)

Basics of Cosmology (II): Monique SIGNORE (Paris)

  Galaxy Formation (II). Joseph SILK (Oxford)

Large scale structure (II). John PEACOCK (Edinburgh)

  The new cosmological Paradigm (II).     cancelled

  CMB:  Observations (III).  Ned WRIGHT (UCLA)

  Direct & indirect approaches to dark matter (II)  Paolo GONDOLO (Salt Lake city)


A set of seminars has been given by invited speakers  on more specialized topics.

Some Infos

Purpose and Public :

The courses are aimed primarily towards post-graduate students, postdoct and researchers willing to deepen their knowledge or to start in a new field. The session will last two weeks and the courses are long. This allows a thorough pedagogical approach and favours exchanges and discussions between participants. 

Scientific Direction:

Alain BLANCHARD (Université Paul Sabatier, Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées ),
Jaan EINASTO (Tartu Observatory, Estonia),
Andrew LIDDLE (University of Sussex)
Monique SIGNORE (Observatoire de Paris /Rome1),
Joseph SILK (Oxford)

The school will be at the Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse, 20130 Cargèse Corse (France).
You can find some practical information here

The school is sponsored by: NATO, CNRS ,  MENRT, CNES, and Collectivité Territoriale Corse.

This Session is  organized in association with the Programme National de Cosmologie.

This school is supported by  the E.U. through the Cosmic Microwave Background Network in Europe for Theory and Data Analysis Research Training

(Contract Number HPRN-CT-2000-00124)

L'IESC est affilié au CNRS et aux Universités de Corse et de Sophia-Antipolis. Il est subventionné par le CNRS, le MENRT et la Collectivité Territoriale Corse.